Where knowledge yields growth.


Technical Tuesdays

Live weekly team call analysing current market conditions. Catered for all levels of expertise.

Live Market Updates

Mentor will be continuously sharing his new areas of interest and his personal perspective on the current state of the market.

Sunday Market Breakdown

An intensive full market review and breakdown of the upcoming week’s highest probable setups and pairs.

Community Chat

A space where traders of different expertise give their perspectives and opinions of market conditions.


Knowledge yields income!

A common mindset of beginner traders is that they’ll enter into the industry and become overnight millionaires, the harsh reality is that this is simply just not the case. Trading requires a high level of technical and psychological training, before one is actually profitable.

At ATC, we have a designated curriculum catered for those who want to become profitable independent traders. The trader should be patient in their learning journey and understand that education comes first and the monetary reward will inevitably follow.

About Us

Unique Approach to trading

We at ATC take a unique approach to how we do our analysis, and risk management We mostly focus on our traders never becoming complacent and limiting the earning potential in trading. We give all of our students the blueprint and systems on how they can self-assess themselves and grow to the next level.


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